Why We Pray to Ganesha Before Mantras

Why do we always start mantras praying to Ganesha? There is a very mystical reason! Mantras are a part of spiritual practice. Especially when using the Sanskrit language, chanting mantras are one path towards Samadhi and work wonders for spiritual healing, awakening and worship.

In a Sanskrit mantra, every vibration comes together to form a hymn and when chanted , that mantra affects the energy glands in our system. It harmonises with our cells and opens the path to connect with the Higher Self.

There are different types of mantras for different purposes but all mantras start with om. Why om? Well, it is the first sound, the past, present, future, and we will discuss it further in another post!

But all mantras start with om and before any mantra Lord Ganesha mantra should be chanted.

Lord Ganesha

Why do we pray to Ganesha before mantras?

Well, it’s because he is the god of intellect. Ganesha is the one who, when pleased, opens the door to other dimensions and even removes our obstacles on the path of our journey.

One of Ganesha’s mantras to remove obstacles is:

Om gan ganapataye namaha

You can chant this in the morning, on its own or before other mantras. It is a powerful way to focus, gain clarity and mental power, as well as requesting any obstacles in your life to be removed.

Why chant to Ganesha first?

Namaskar to the king of the gods. Ganesha is the god of the gods – Lord Ganesha. But if you see these days people just jump into other spiritual practices without even praying or remembering Lord Ganesha and that’s one reason why we get stuck.

Spiritual practices become confusing and we don’t see progress until we connect our minds. We have a lack of understanding unless we first unlock our powers of intellect via Lord Ganesha. When we connect with Ganesha and our minds, there is clarity in our spiritual practice which will help us to unlock more doors.

Om gan ganapataye namaha

Mythology of why we pray to Lord Ganesha first before mantras

All the gods had decided to have a contest and went to Ganesha’s father, Lord Shiva, for his permission. The King of Heaven and all 33 Koti Gods were in front of him and requested to choose one leading god among us who will be prayed first before any rituals and without him no rituals will complete. Lord Shiva gave permission and said whoever will go round the world and come to me first will be the winner.

Every one agreed and all had their “bahan” (in which they travel ) ready. Lord Indra had his elephant with super powers, Lord Kabir with his vimana (chariot) and Kartike on his peacock. All were more impressive than Lord Ganesha, who was with his mouse. The mouse was too slow and could barely move because of his weight. It didn’t look so good for him.

When the race started, everyone went fast to the task but Ganesha could barely move. He was worried and asked the mouse “I know you can’t move fast with me and we haven’t connected much with each other but we need to figure out how we will stand in this race”.

The mouse replied “Prabhu my lord. Shiva and Shakti, your parents, themselves, are the whole world, they are creation, the sum of everything, so why don’t you go around them?

Ganesha with his family

Lord Ganesha thought about it and liked the idea – nothing happens well without smartness.

To a child, his world is his mother and father. Ganesha’s father is the almighty Shiva and his mother is his divine feminine, Shakti, herself. They are indeed the world in its two parts.

Ganesha goes to ask permission with his father for this plan and with the blessing of his father, Lord Shiva, he starts to run around Shiva and Shakti.

It takes him very little time, and after he finishes, his brother, Lord Kartike, also arrives making his round of the earth. Kartike finds out what Lord Ganesha did and is also impressed with his intelligence.

So, with pride, Lord Shiva declares both of his sons the winners and commands Ganesha to be the first one to be prayed to from now on. No rituals will be completed without him and no matter how much wealth we have, if we don’t have intelligence to use wisely it’s no use.

The way we know the difference between a stone and a diamond is with our intelligence, so om gan ganapataye namaha.

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