Why Travel with Us?

Trave is an interesting book to read. Travelling is life changing, we get to learn interesting facts about life, visit new places, meet new people, learn new cultures, jump into adventures, overcome fears and anxieties and connect with the energy and hearts of those who are so different from us. More than a book can do, no?

We need no reason to travel but still there’s people who travel to spend holidays, some looking for new opportunities in new places, some have a hobby to explore. Some are bored with the same environment and need a push into something new, and some are really curious to find the mystery behind a place or culture, connect with high energy and find the true stillness.

That’s the exact reason why 108mountains exists.

108mountains is named after a divine number and the silent and mysterious Himalayas, so you can expect sacred teachings, travel wonders and plenty of awesome stuff to look at. But mostly, this is a site created to help you discover that everything is already within you.

Of course, there’s still plenty of reason to look outside!

So many people stay in the same boring job with the same uninspired routine and wonder why they aren’t happy! We want to shake that up and awaken people to the wonders of the world and to their own true potential.

Armed with ancient Hinduism techniques like yoga, meditation, sound and mantras we can help you connect with divine, while pilgrimage tours to highly spiritual places around India and Nepal will help you connect with nature. Knowing the poetry of the planets with astrology and the tangle of fate and the subconscious through tarot cards we can finally dig deep and connect with the real you, your Higher Self, sprit, your guided soul.

In other words, the motto of 108mountains is to spread awareness of the pure energy of love. Love for nature, the divine, and for ourselves.

Our spiritual tours are from 3 days to 7 days, or more depending on your needs. We can also run private tours if you need some travel tailored just for you.

We travel through breath-takingly beautiful scenery, visiting spots with high spiritual energy like mountains, temples, rivers and forests. Along the way we keep learning and practicing traditional hatha yoga, Hindu mythologies and practices, astrology, tarot and the art of connection!

What we include in our spiritual tours:


  • We’ll take you to some of India or Nepal’s most beautiful trekking routes, passing lush green valleys, ancient forests and to snow-capped mountain peaks.
  • Walking is itself a form of meditation! So we’ll make sure to stay focussed and in the moment – living in the present is incredible for our relaxation levels and health.
  • We’ll tailor the route and speed to your level, so everyone is welcome – all ages and skill-levels can trek with us!


  • Hatha is the ancient root of yoga and connects us with Sun and Moon energies for awakening and healing purposes. We use traditional asanas and techniques from Gorakhnath, (the first guru of yoga, the incarnation of Lord Shiva).
  • Meditations are based strongly from ancient techniques of Vedas, tantric and ashtanga yoga.
  • Philosophies of kundalini, chakra systems and hatha yoga-based knowledge are all interlinked in our practices.


  • Learn the history of this ancient and mysterious religion. It stretches back over 40,000 years.
  • Enjoy a different perspective towards Hinduism – not just the stuff you hear repeated over and over!
  • Ancient techniques known as “tantra” and no, tantra is not only about sex! Tantra is discipline and using secret spiritual practices to pursue enlightenment. We can teach you the real magic of tantric practices.
  • Learn about the gods, goddesses, the shakti feminine force, prana and energies.
  • Take part in puja, prayers, rituals, idol worshiping and live the life of devotee – you’ll leave feeling like you’re part Hindu!


  • Astrology can tell you about your personal strengths and weaknesses and how you can improve your life. It is a map of your highest potential!
  • We’ll take a look at your chart and use the current transits and moon phases to unlock some deep wisdom for you to work with.
  • Using tarot cards, we’ll connect with your subconscious and have a heart to heart on what’s currently standing in your way.


  • Learn about vibration, how everything exists from vibration – yes even you!
  • Mantra chanting – let’s learn some Sanskrit mantras together.
  • Chakra healing through sound.
  • Massage with sound and sound baths. How singing bowls and tingsha can heal us through simple sound.
  • Nature meditations – enjoy the sound of nature and let it heal your soul.


  • Teaching and helping local children in village schools. You don’t have to have a qualification, the kids love to learn any skills you have like English conversation, art, music or sport.
  • Take part in awareness programs and social activities like cleaning up sacred areas like the banks of the river Ganges or around temples and woodlands.


  • Getting up early and eating healthy and organic foods grown locally where possible.
  • Using special ayurvedic herbs and remedies to activate and heal our bodies.
  • Knowledge of Ayurvedic doshas, food combinations and special nutrition tips.
  • Learning the art of drinking water!

You don’t need to be a yogi already to join us, all we require is your flexibility of mind! By the end of our journey you will experience huge changes in your mind, body and soul. You’ll discover new possibilities within and feel a deep connection to the eastern way of life, as well as mother nature, the universe, the divine, and of course, yourself!

Hari om

Visit our testimonial page and see what others experienced with 108mountains and for packages please contact us:


Everything in this world happens for a reason. There is a reason for why you’re reading this article about 108mountains right now! The universe wants your heart to connect with 108mountains, start something new, learn something new, overcome suffering and rise above it? Something like that?

Come and find out!

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