Trekking in Nepal after COVID-19 | Nepal Travel 2021

Trekking in Nepal after COVID-19 | Nepal Travel 2021

Trekking in Nepal after COVID-19 – what’s the latest news? updated 1st March 2021. Nepal is one of the only places in the world that you can actually visit for tourism right now, even with other countries still in covid-19 quarantine! You are welcome here in Nepal, but there are some special requirements.

We’ve had a lot of requests for information on how exactly to visit Nepal at this time, so we’ve compiled everything you need to know, and are updating monthly. If you have any more questions, there’s a contact form at the bottom of the page, feel free to get in touch.




Is trekking in Nepal after covid-19 allowed?

Yes, Nepal is open for trekking right now and most nationalities can travel to Nepal in 2021 already, however, you will need to follow certain procedures to gain entry to the country and begin your trek.

We can guide you through the process for visiting Nepal with coronavirus procedures, and you’ll find detailed information of the requirements to visit Nepal in 2021 below.


What is the current situation of coronavirus in Nepal?

As you may know, Nepal begun its first covid-19 quarantine lockdown on 24th March 2020. The borders were closed and no tourists were allowed entry until early this year (2021).

You probably experienced a covid-19 lockdown in your own country, so you know what it was like! Very quiet and filled with uncertainty, however, the Nepali people are very strong in body, mind and soul, and we were proud to see everyone’s tenacity and kindness throughout the peak of covid-19 quarantine.

During this time, however, the tourism sector took quite a hit, missing both of the peak seasons (March and November), however, we are excited to see a revival in this season or the next, once the world is ready to travel again. We have already started receiving pilgrims in 2021 and are hopeful that trekking in Nepal after covid-19 will kick off very soon!


trekking in nepal after coronavirus


Is it safe to visit Nepal in 2021?

Yes, Nepal is a very safe country to visit right now. We were lucky enough to have very low rates of COVID-19 cases and even lower death rates. It’s quite the mystery as to how we managed to be one of the countries with the lowest covid-19 case numbers and some of the fastest recovery rates (Nepal was even featured in The Guardian newspaper for its miraculous coronavirus recovery rates), but we are happy about it for sure!


Who can visit Nepal right now?

Currently, Nepal is only open for trekking and mountaineering. The country is still closed for general tourism until further notice. Foreign diplomats, Nepalis who live abroad and those with Nepali spouses can also enter the country, but we’re guessing you’re in the first category!


What do I need to visit Nepal after coronavirus?

To visit Nepal after coronavirus, you’ll need to book a trek or tour with an agency. They will then process all the necessary documents and get your permission letter from the Nepal Department of Immigration. This is what will get your entry visa at the moment.


Can I visit Nepal 2021 with 108mountains?

Yes! We can take care of all the necessary entry documents and arrange for visa permission when you arrange a pilgrimage through us.

We had our first pilgrims come for trekking in January with great success!

You can see a list of our most popular pilgrimages here. Most of them will run as described, however, there may me some slight changes as certain areas are not open to tourism quite yet. We will make sure to take you to the safest friendliest places and your trip will not be any less amazing.



What treks can I do at the moment?

Providing the weather is good (which in springtime it is glorious) you can do pretty much any trek you like. Some of our favourite pilgrimages to do at this time of year are:

You can see a list of our most popular pilgrimage treks here. Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss creating your own itinerary.


How is the situation in Nepal tourism post-covid-19?

If you’re travelling to Nepal after covid-19 you’ll probably be wondering how the country is right now? Are there other tourists around? Are shops and restaurants open?

So, yes it is quieter than usual (it would be flooded with tourists right now usually!) but we are seeing a slow trickle of tourists entering Nepal.

Shops, restaurants and other business are all open so you will be able to shop, dine and explore, even get a great cup of Nepali coffee if you like.

All transport is running, including domestic flights.

Since we are having less tourists at this times, you’ll have a very peaceful trip, which is lucky as we are now entering the best season for weather and natural beauty.

Our national flower, the ruby red rhododendron is beginning its spring bloom, making this a fantastic time to visit Nepal 2021.


How is the attitude towards tourists after covid-19?

Locals are happy to see tourists after such quiet times and most of the most popular treks and tourism sites are open.

You will need to exercise caution in some of the more remote areas as they might still be hesitant to receive tourists after the covid-19 scare. While the cases were very low here, you must remember that people listen to the news and watch television where coverage of the global situation on covid-19 is high.

It is best to visit more remote places and small villages with a guide at this time, who can translate for you and ensure that you receive warm welcomes.


What do I need to visit Nepal in 2021?

  • You must have a pre-booked trek or tour to come to Nepal
  • After you have booked a trek, your agency will prepare all the necessary documents to give to Nepal immigration to grant your entry visa
  • Tourists entering Nepal in 2021 require travel insurance with COVID coverage of $5000. Our last guests found theirs for around $50 each
  • You must have a hotel booking confirmation of 7 days from the date of arrival in Kathmandu (excluding Indians who are covered by the Nepal-India travel bubble)
  • You will need a negative COVID19 test report

What is the procedure to visit Nepal 2021? (Don’t worry if it seems confusing now, we will walk you through it at the time!)


For you:

  • Book your trek and pay in full
  • Book a hotel in Kathmandu for 7-days
  • Book your flights
  • Book your travel insurance with $5000 COVID coverage
  • Send us a copy of all the above booking confirmations plus scans of your passport identification pages
  • Next is our part!
  • Get your PCR test less than 72hrs before your flight
  • Board your flight with your negative PCR report and the documents we will give you before you fly
  • Arrive in beautiful Nepal!


For us:

  • Once we have received all the above documentation from you, we will apply for all trekking and conservation area permits ready for your trip
  • We will process all the above documentation and apply for a letter of permission from Nepal Immigration. This is what will get your entry visa
  • We will come to collect you at the airport to ensure that all documentation is handled smoothly


Next steps for visiting Nepal in 2021:

  • Your plane lands in Kathmandu Tribuvhan Airport
  • You present documents and apply for you visa: 30 days or 90 days (your choice)
  • We will be there waiting for you – hi!
  • We will take you to your hotel
  • Complete your 7-day hotel booking
  • After that, we will start our planned pilgrimage
  • After the booked trek or tour with us, you are free to explore Nepal as you like for the remainder of your visa


Are there any safety protocols for traveling to Nepal after COVID?

The safety protocols for traveling to Nepal after COVID are constantly changing, however, it is recommended to wear a mask and practice social distancing while you are traveling in Nepal in 2021.

Please be aware that, despite its reputation for warm welcomes and friendly locals, some areas of Nepal are still hesitant to receive tourists after the COVID scare. Nepal had low numbers of coronavirus cases compared to other countries, however, it is best to visit remote areas or villages with a guide at this time.



What if I have to cancel due to changes in travel restrictions?

We appreciate that much of life is uncertain right now and that country specific travel restrictions or personal safety concerns might mean a change to your Nepal travel 2021. You’ll find our cancellation and rescheduling policies below.


Cancellation policy

We cannot offer refunds on deposits. Shortly after you book your pilgrimage with us, we start applying for all necessary documents, permits and booking accommodation and vehicles. This is standard procedure, however, post-covid there is even more to prepare for your trip and so we cannot offer refunds once your deposit is paid.


Rescheduling policy

However, you can reschedule your trip with us free of cost for a later date. You can choose that date later on in the year or even next year if you are uncertain. We will hold your deposit safely until then and you can apply it to another trek when you are ready to travel. We offer rescheduling with 30 days’ notice before your arrival date in Nepal.

Most airline operators are offering flexible bookings on all flights as of 2021 so you will probably be able to reschedule your flights. Your travel insurance might offer a “cancel for any reason” clause which is a good thing to keep in mind if you are worried about refunds.


If you want to see the list of our most popular pilgrimages, you’ll find it here. Our testimonials for previous trips can be found here.


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