A time of Peace, Fun and Love

The one week trek in the Himalayas with you guys was an amazing experience! We spent a lot of time out in the countryside, at beautiful spiritual places, in the mountains and also in traditional villages. We slept in ashrams, at a small lonley Babas home and in tents. We had plenty of time for hiking, practising Yoga, meditating (alone and in the group) and having dips in the holy river. We laughed a lot, had interesting conversations and enjoyed the local food and of course the obligatory chai. We had lots of fun, but also there was stillness, quietness, peace and love.
Kavee the local guide told us stories about places backed up with historical, spiritual, religious and mythological information, Elly completed him with spiritual inputs for example the astrology circle or laying new moon cards.
Next to all the activities we had enough time for ourselves. I felt good vibes everywhere.
My highlight was the ascent from chopta to the peak in the snow – it was awesome!!
Thank you <3


Not just a trek but a deep spiritual journey of ancient wisdom and self discovery.

Still cant find enough words to thank you guys for what you shared with us on this life changing trek to Chopta, Kalimath.
Instead of being there 4 days we trekked 8 and could not get enough of adventure and wisdom.
Ellie is a magic fairy spreading light and laughter wherever she goes and Kavee is the most spiritual, caring and tolerant guide i’ve ever met in my almost a year in India.
I wish you guys every success and will recommend your company to every friend.

Ocean Yoga

“Highlight of my India trip”

Met Kav and Ellie in Rishikesh, We took tuktuk from Rishikesh to Haridwar , it was an amazing experience. Kav definitely knows the stuff around there and I have learned so much india culture by travelling with them, it was a highlight of my India trip. I love both Kav and Ellie’s energy and company. I miss you two already and am sure we will meet again soon. Love xxx.

Xueli J

“Experiences beyond words”

I spent two months in Rishikesh including attending the International Yoga Festival and the highlight of all the fantastical experiences that came my way was the 7 day adventure guided by Kavee and Ellie. They are the perfect combination of east and west. Kavee is a store house of Vedic and yoga knowledge and Ellie is the westerner’s bridge to the east. Especially if you are a woman seeking a guide service Ellie and Kavee provide the energetic environment for your comfort. Also in our group were 3 beautiful women from different parts of the west and they bonded with each other and still held their independence. The spiritual trek in the Himalayas speaks directly to all who enter her domain. The key is having the guides best suited for you. For me and my group, Kavee and Ellie were perfect. Thank you both for experiences beyond words.

Rick Lee

“Clear the fog”

I am lucky enough to have Ellie draw my Natal chart for me. Ellie was great at answering all my questions, looking back some of them were really naive as I didn’t really understand all the terms, but she never made me feel stupid and always answered them graciously.
I was shocked by how much I can learn about my self and my path from the planets and I have become a lot more aware, this is definitely inspired by Ellie’s contagious passion for the subject.
I also have regular Tarot readings from Ellie, she is always clear and concise. What I love the most about Tarot is ‘it teaches us what we already know’, her readings always clear the fog for me, and when I don’t take the advice from the cards I generally end up kicking myself for it!
I truly appreciate Ellie’s gift, not only Astrology and Tarot but also her communication style and her love for life. I would be quite lost without her and kicking myself a lot more!


Beautiful Yoga time

I think I was very lucky when I appeared in Kave yoga lessons in Kathmandu. The time there was very special because of the peaceful and joyful atmosfere which was spread by Kave. His deep knowledge about yoga life is very inspiring and I was very happy for beeing there at least for this few lessons!
Thank you

Barbora Škařupová

“Love, trust and fun”

Ellie has done many tarot readings to me and every time I felt I was unfolding something important which was inside myself and needed a push to come up or reinforcing a feeling I already had. They resonate with me and when they don’t right away, they will (I experienced understanding a couple of them a few months later). I like the fact she explains the tarots to you so you can have a better understanding and you are more involved in the process. She is very patient and loving and, big plus, also really funny so I usually end up laughing a lot which helps to gain some lightness, so important in life!
Thank you so much!

Elena Mazzeschi

“You’re Amazing”

Thank you so much! I really loved this reading. All of it resonated and most of it I also knew. I guess I always need confirmation that I’m doing the right thing. I kind of wish it has been harsher haha but I guess that goes in hand with what you said about re-thinking my feelings. Thank you also for relating to it because I kind of felt silly getting a reading. Thank you!! You’re amazing.

Arianna D.

“Peaceful state of mind”

The yoga lesson with Kavee was a very special experience. He has a very beautiful way of teaching, combined with broad ancient cosmic and yogic knowledge that he adds into the class so that you really leave the class with a very good peaceful state of mind and a lot of new yoga knowledge. I recommend to join his practise!

Kathrin J.

“Very beautiful”

I don’t know how to put words together, but I can tell you in my way, you are a beautiful person, a very beautiful person and I had a very good time for these few days. Rishikesh was nice, travelling, our talks together and also in Neelkanth Temple was very beautiful, very beautiful actually. Thank you.

Premrupantar R.

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