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Travel is literally life-changing. It can change the way you think, the way you live. It connects us to other cultures, other people, and most importantly, to ourselves – no wonder it’s more popular than ever!

If there’s just one thing that can help us to heal and awaken, it’s travel, but it’s such a personal experience for each of us, no two journeys are the same. We want to know more!

We’ve created #shareyourtravelstory to give others a platform to share how travel has shaped them.

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“I needed more time”

On the 1st of December 2013 I left home to fly to Thailand. The idea was to travel one month there and one in Laos. But while I was traveling I felt I needed more time so I canceled the return flight. I ended up moving around for 5 and a half years. I am very grateful for what I have expected and seen. The Earth is such an amazing planet!

Elena Mazzeschi

“Traveling is a part of yoga”

God is everywhere but our great sages have gifted us with the knowledge that in some places the energy of God’s mercy is very high. They are in allignment with stars or cosmic energy sources, they attract this energy and with the right intentions, we receive that energy. There is a whole procedure for pilgrims – from what kind of mindset to what kind of clothes he should wear to the place. Growing up in such a culture, I have been traveling as a pilgrim since my childhood. These places touched my heart so deeply that they made me keep coming back to them. Traveling is itself healing, but when a person travels with such an aim and devotion to high energy places, wonder happens. While going to these places with the grace of my Lord Shiva, often I started getting work to take people along and guide them on my way. I have seen many people changing their life and having a lifetime experience, it made me think why not help others do this, and so I started 108mountains with Ellie to help people realise what I have been realizing through travel. In my experience, traveling can also be a part of yoga, it helps you to connect within. Om namaha shivaya om.

Kave Sharma

“A whole new me”

The first time I came to India I felt a freedom I’ve never experienced before. I’ve always been a deep thinker, but all the sounds, colours and smells pulled me out of my head and whizzing back down to earth – what a beautiful planet?! I used to be a little uptight, ok, downright anxious, but India cured that. My motto back then was “if you can’t get out of your head you’ll get hit by a tuktuk”. This forced me to look outside of myself more often. I became calmer, warmer, happier. I began smiling at everyone and receiving big smiles in return – in England this behaviour gets me some funny looks, like I’m crazy, poor souls. Nowadays I spend all my time in India & Nepal. I tell people it’s because India makes me a better person, they reply that I sound like I’m in love with the place. I tell them I am.

Ellie Pierpoint

“I can be brave”

I still remember the first time I traveled alone. I was on a flight to Europe, but I asked myself, “What am I doing now?” Scared, worried, I didn’t know what would happen to me. Then I found there was no need to be afraid. Whenever I was lost, I could ask people for directions. I could go online to find useful information. During the 50-day trip, I never felt afraid or lonely, not even a second. I met many kind and nice people. Talking to them brought a lot to me. I saw beautiful scenery and buildings, knowing about different cultures. Then, I went back home safe and sound.
After that very trip, I knew I was brave and independent. The journey is like my whole life. I can be brave. Facing difficulties, I have the ability and potential to solve them. Traveling gives me power. While traveling, I know myself better. I have also met many new friends and I have found that people are all similar. Most of them want to be better persons, and so do I.


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