7-Day Shakti Sadhana Goddess Tour

28th October – 4th November 2019

More dates to come!

Join us on a 7-day pilgrimage to India’s sacred goddess temples.

We’ll visit some of Himachel Pradesh’s most beautiful villages, stopping at sacred Shakti Peeth temples, connecting to Mother Nature through hiking, astrology, sound healing, kundalini yoga, tantra and meditation, all while learning about Goddess Durga, Hinduism’s supreme shakti.

Imagine waking up feeling excited about life. Ready to create and connect, empowered and filled with love, for yourself and others. This is what it’s like to be connected with your divine feminine energy.

 We’ll be doing what’s known as “Shakti Sadhana”, a spiritual pilgrimage to sacred goddess temples so we can discover the divine feminine within us.

This is a wonderful opportunity, not just for experiencing some of India’s most sacred goddess sites, but for our own spiritual growth. We’ll start the trip consciously by setting an intention. This will be different for each of us – maybe you want to be braver in business or perhaps you’re overcoming a problem in your life. During the trip, we’ll complete powerful exercises that open us up to divine and allow self-reflection, acceptance and healing.

Some of the beautiful temples we’ll visit…

Sacred Temples & Natural Beauty

Over the course of 7 days, we’ll visit Kurukshetra, the famous site where Lord Krishna delivered the Bhagavad Gita, plus villages including Chintapurni, Jawalamukhi and Chamunda, home to some of Hinduism’s most mystical Shakti Peeth goddess temples.

We’ll practice kundalini yoga along the way, connect through guided meditations, mantra chanting and sound healing, Hindu and Tantrik teachings and astrology circles and take part in sacred puja rituals, all designed to help you on your quest to meet the goddess herself and develop her energy within you.

We’ll hike to goddess temples in the clouds

What is a Shakti Peeth? What is Shakti?!

Not to worry! If you don’t know anything about Shakti, Hinduism, Kundalini, Tantra or India in general, we’ll teach you this and so much more about the role of the divine feminine within Hindu mysticism, there’s a great deal of fascinating symbolism, mythology and cosmic knowledge to explore!

And it’s not just for ladies! If you’re a divine masculine looking to connect to your divine feminine side – you’re more than welcome too! The Goddess is within us all, she is our creative, nurturing, intuitive side. She wants us all to connect with her and unleash our shakti power.

Feel thousands of years of sacred history

Our combined experience means you’ll have daily kundalini yoga classes, mantra chanting and sound healing, tantrik and Hindu mythology teachings, guided meditations and pranayama, astrology and tarot workshops, readings and intention setting and mindset shifting exercises along the way, to dig deeper and connect to your shakti side.

Together we’ve completed countless pilgrimages and are always seeking the next spiritual destination. We specialise in remote temples – ones that have incredible beauty and strong spiritual energy, but for some reason, are not popular with foreign travellers. We want to share these places, so we’ve taken people to some of India & Nepal’s most mystical but unknown sites, and this trip is our best yet!

Come with us. See the real India…
Meditate and connect to Goddess Durga…

Day 1:

Travel to Kurukshetra, a spellbindingly beautiful city with a rich religious history. Introduction to Shakti + Goddess Durga. Visit Shaktipeeth Temple to get the blessing of the Goddess. Connect to divine feminine with guided meditation and a trip to the spectacular Brahma Lake. Stay in a traditional ashram.

Day 2:

Morning yoga + meditation. Visit the place where the legendary Bhagavad Gita was spoken and learn about this sacred scripture of Hinduism. Travel to Chintapurni, a small but sacred village which is visited by pilgrims, yogis and tantriks from across India. Learn about the Mahavidya, Tantrik Goddess energies. Rest at hotel and indulge in an evening meditation and sound healing session.

Day 3:

Early morning blessings at the Shaktipeeth Temple. Nature hike to a local village and beautiful river. Meditate on Mother Nature and connect through astrology and spiritual discussion. Yoga and meditation at the inspiring Radha Temple with its breath-taking panoramic views. Free time to soak up the last few days experiences.

Day 4:

Travel to Jawalmukhi, home to one of the most powerful Goddess temples in the history of Hindusim. Visit the temple to see the sacred fire that burns mysteriously by itself. Get the blessing of Goddess Durga. Hike to Tantrik Goddess Temple where we’ll learn about the true meaning of Tantra and practice some Bhairava Tantra techniques.

Day 5:

Starting with a short hike through nature to a mystical Snake Temple, we’ll learn about Kundalini energy and practice some energy raising pranayama. Next stop: Baglamukhi Temple, another of the Tantrik Mahavidya Goddesses. Intention setting exercise to connect with the obstacle removing nature of Baglamukhi. Travel to Kangra. Visit the Durga Temple and all 10 Mahavidya Goddesses.

Day 6:

Visit the incredible Kangra Fort and reflect on the history of our own Shakti nature through discussion and meditation. Travel to Chamunda, a tiny town in the mountains of Himachal and join in their evening Aarti Ceremony, where we will give thanks to creation and connect with Shiva-Shakti energies. Rest at the hotel for our big trek the next day!

Day 7:

Early morning start for a lifechanging day trek up to the ancient Chamunda Devi Temple, a 10km hike through lush woods and mysterious fog, with epic views for miles over the valleys of Himachal Pradesh. At the peak, we’ll get the blessings of Chamunda Devi and meditate on her prana-shakti. We’ll take time to connect and share what we’ve experienced from divine feminine.

Day 8:

Time to go home! We’ll travel back to Rishikesh glowing with shakti energy, magic and joy.

Energy Exchange:

Your contribution covers all travel, room price and 3x healthy yogic meals a day, all activities, classes, rituals and exercises. In fact, unless there’s any extras you want – you’re all covered and can sit back and soak up the shakti vibes!

Currently we’re offering $73 off the full price to make it accessible to all. We’re not a tour company but pilgrims at heart so want to create a safe and friendly space where we can share our favourite mystical locations and our knowledge with you.

5% of any profits will go to charitable causes – we feed cows and help street dogs, so if you have a particular charity or cause you love, let us know and we’ll try and help it too! <3

Your contribution:  $850 OR save $73 and book now for early bird price: $777

Spaces are very limited so message us now to book your place!

“I worship in my heart the Devī
Whose body is moist with nectar
Beauteous as the splendour of lightning,
Who, goes from her abode to that of Shiva,
Opens the lotuses on the beautiful way of the
Suṣumnā ”

– Bhairavistotra, Tantrasāra