Questions to Ask Myself

Am I breathing right now? (Am I living? Alive?) Yes. Right now, I’m actually breathing. In and out. Hooray! I’m alive. Oh, and I can control my breath? In and out. I can breathe faster, slower, as I want. Isn’t it amazing? Instead of my breath being controlled by my subconscious mind, I can be aware and change my way of breathing.

The rule of yoga is being present and aware, so focussing on the in and out breath makes us present and grounded. We know we are alive.

What am I thinking?

Am I thinking about what others think of me? Am I thinking about ideas? The past? The future? Am I thinking about something that doesn’t really matter? Am I aware of my thought right now, like is it useful or is it a waste of energy and time?

Think think think before you do something, means, in other words, be aware of your actions, think before you do something.

Am I healthy right now?

I’m also lazy. I wake up late. I eat whenever and whatever I like. If I’m not physically fit (strength, stamina and flexibility), then I need to change my lifestyle, do some asanas, pranayama, eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Balancing body, mind and soul. Don’t forget the body.

Who am I?

Am I just an eye? Ear? Hand? Mind? Consciousness? Or something that is aware of all those parts? Something that connects to the source of everything? That means, do I control everything? Do I control the world around me? How does my reality work? With me or against me?

What’s my goal?

Do I do my deeds in fear, lust, ego, greed, attachment, anger? Am I living my life as fully as I want? What exactly do I want?

Am I really being what I need to be? Being myself? Do I care so much how others think and do I live my life in fear of judgement? What do I want from this life?

How do I live?

Am I attached to something too much? Like addicted to coffee? Do I have an anger problem? Like repressing the anger? And being angry if things don’t go my way? Am I selfish? And do I have bad intentions towards others?

When was the last time I smiled at others? And did something good for others?

Do my senses control me, or do I control them? Do I only want to hear what I want to hear, and only speak what I want, only about myself? Do I have the intention always to say, “I did, I have, I am”? Am I present?

These are the questions to ask myself at the moment.

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  • Wow.. reality check right there! This has pulled up allot that I need to work on, things I’ve known but maybe just forgotten X thankyou I definitely needed this right now! Xx

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