Mantra Chanting Lessons

Online mantra chanting lessons with Kave will help you develop a daily spiritual practice for positivity, clarity and abundance.

“Chanting Sanskrit mantras has some serious magic. I feel more carefree, I don’t react to stress or other people so much and I’ve even manifested more money into my life by chanting” – Ellie Pierpoint

How can mantra chanting lessons improve your life?

Dating back thousands of years, Sanskrit mantras have been chanted by the yogis of India and Nepal to achieve spiritual results.

The practice of chanting mantras is effective at increasing focus and concentration, improving positive mindset and also in the raising of Kundalini energy.

Chanting used to be a sacred science only taught to priests and yogis, but now you can learn Sanskrit mantras online!

Why learn to chant Sanskrit mantras online with Kave?

Kave has been studying and practicing Sanskrit mantras for his entire life, growing up in a very spiritual Hindu family and studying mantras in Vedic college.

He has a personal twice-daily mantra practice and has helped many others to develop their own daily practice and improve their lives through chanting.

His deep understanding of scriptures and patient, approachable style has helped many students to learn Sanskrit mantras online and in person with him in private practice as well as in yoga studios across Nepal and India.

“Kave is exceptionally knowledgeable about India, Nepal, the Vedas, and how to navigate the challenges of a spiritual journey through self-development” – Clare Mary

What are the benefits of learning to chant mantras?

  • Develop self-awareness and break negative cycles
  • Calm the mind and nervous system
  • Raise positive energy and improve daily mood
  • Connect with higher consciousness, achieve trance states and develop a relationship with divine
  • Awaken spiritual Kundalini energy

Which mantras are you drawn to?

  • Ganesha Mantra – the Remover of Obstacles – for anyone who wants to raise their intelligence and move forwards in their life
  • Gayatri Mantra – the Great Mother & Sun Goddess – for those who need clarity, wisdom and confidence
  • Saraswati Mantra – the Goddess of Wisdom – for students, teachers, artists or musicians and those who want more focus and inspiration
  • Lakshmi Mantra – the Goddess of Wealth – for businesspeople and those that want to attract more physical abundance into their lives
  • Shakti Mantra – Divine Feminine – for those who want to connect with feminine energies and worship the Goddess
  • Other mantras are available on request.

Kave will work with you to find the best mantra to suit your needs.

“Kave is an amazing teacher. He is really professional and very easy to talk to. He was patient and explained to me everything about mantra meditation with Japa Mala necklace. It was a great honour to be his student” – Pea Lea

How do you want to learn?

Package 1:

Introduction to Mantra


  • 1 x 40min session learning the basics of a mantra including an introduction to pronunciation, tone and meaning to start your practice confidently

Investment: $30

Package 2:

Learn a Mantra


  • Initial 30min call to discuss your challenges and needs then decide on a mantra that will give you most benefit for your individual situation
  • 5 x 40min sessions learning the pronunciation, tone, meaning and history of the mantra, plus related pranayama breathing exercises for ultimate effectiveness
  • Video recording of Kave chanting the mantra to keep and study for practice
  • Selected homework tasks to learn between classes

Investment: $140

Package 3:

Develop a Practice


  • Initial 30min call to discuss your needs and decide on 2-3 mantras that will combine to create a tailored mantra practice just for you
  • 10 x 40min sessions learning your set of mantras, covering pronunciation, tone meaning and history of the mantras
  • Selected pranayama breathing exercises, mudras and meditations tailored to your needs
  • Guidance around how to chant, when to chant and what practices and habits to utilize to get the most out of your mantra practice
  • In-depth study of related mythologies for each mantra
  • Video recording of Kave chanting the mantras to keep and study for practice
  • Selected homework and resources to study between classes

Investment: $270

Saraswati Learn Sanskrit Mantras Online

What next?

Once you’ve paid for your mantra package via one of the links above, send an email to to arrange your first session – you’ll be chanting in no time!

Hari Om.