Hatha Yoga You Can Do at Home

This video is of a full hatha yoga class you can do at home! It can be done anywhere, in the woods, on the beach, in your living room. It takes 40-60 minutes but you can make it as fast or slow as you like – as you can see, we’ve made it fast so you can get started on your own yoga asap! It’s no good just watching yoga, get on that mat!

These are all traditional hatha yoga asanas, as well as some (hilarious!) yogic jogging as a warm up. Enjoy yogis!

Info about hatha yoga class you can do at home

A 1-hour Hatha Yoga class shown in 5 minutes. This class is based on the traditional Nepali hatha yoga of Gorakhnath. It includes pranayama and selective hatha yoga asanas and mudras designed to awaken kundalini. Gorakhnath is the incarnation of Lord Shiva, and father of yoga.

Hatha Yoga is the balancing of Sun and Moon energies within the body. To awaken kundalini, these energies of Sun (pingala) and Moon (ida) must be in union for the shakti energy (kundalini) to rise up the middle spinal column (sushumna). This can be achieved through specific yoga asanas, as well as other mind-body-spirit practices such as that of a yogi lifestyle.

This full hatha yoga class is easy to do at home, indoors, outdoors, or if you’re a yoga teacher yourself and want to use it for your own classes – please go ahead! Hatha Yoga is designed for everyone to improve physically, mentally, and of course, spiritually.

This class is led by Kave Sharma, a Yoga & Meditation Teacher from Nepal, who follows the authentic Hatha Yoga style practiced for over a thousand years.

The yoga lesson was filmed in Bhagsu, Dharamsala, the home of the Dalai Lama, where you’ll find a whole host of yoga schools, yoga teacher training and of course, the mighty Himalayas. This made for the perfect place to film our full yoga class in five minutes, since the spiritual energies are super strong here.

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