The Amazing Secret of Ashoka Trees

In the sacred text, the Ramayana, the Ashoka tree is mentioned to have a special power. That power is stress reduction! Sita is said to have meditated under an Ashoka, making them famous for their calming energy.

What is an Ashoka Tree?

The Ashoka tree is found in India and Nepal. It’s an evergreen tree with beautiful red and yellow flowers that can be seen in vibrant bunches in spring.

This tree is sacred in Hinduism and is said to combat stress. It is featured in many mythologies and often seen in royal gardens and growing near to temples.

The Problem with Stress

Today there is so much stress in this world where we are all facing some problem . Whether it’s money or overworking, a relationship problem or family worries, everyone knows what stress feels like and everyone wants to find some effective and natural solution towards it.

Yoga & Stress

Stress is not bad or good it’s just necessary for us to live our lives. Stress comes from the body’s “fight or flight” system where it releases adrenaline into our bodies to help us combat danger. It’s not the stress itself that is the problem, but how long we experience it and how we react to it.

The thing we really need to know is stress management, e.g. how to balance our stress so it doesn’t take over. The art of balancing stress is yoga, as many people have experienced over the last few years with the rise in popularity of yoga for stressed out westerners!

Hindu Mythology & Stress

In Sanskrit, stress is known as “Chinta Shoka”, so the word “Ashoka” (as in “Ashoka Tree”) literally means “no stress”. You can see why this tree is very special in the reduction of stress, but there is a story behind it too.

When goddess Sita was kidnapped and taken to Lanka by Ravana the demon king, he had a forest full of trees named Ashokvatika. Goddess Sita used to sit under this Ashoka Tree and because of this is said that she was never stressed out.

When Sita was kidnapped by a demon in the epic tale, the Ramayana, the Ashoka tree helped her to manage her stress and kept her calm.

We can imagine how stressful it would be for a girl being kidnapped by a weird demon with 10 heads, it’s painful even to visualise but she didn’t stress out, and the reason was the Ashoka tree, which is how it got its name – the “no stress tree”.

How can we benefit from the Ashoka Tree?

Following that traditional belief, we see the Ashoka tree everywhere around Vedic traditions in the villages of India and Nepal.

It is said that all you have to do to manage your stress is sit under an Ashoka Tree, perhaps quietly meditating or just enjoying nature. This alone can combat stress!

It’s no surprise that a tree can calm someone down as nature is proven to have a healing effect on our minds, but with the Ashoka Tree it is so much more potent and the calming effect can be very surprising to someone who has never experienced it before.

Come with us sometime while we explore the nature of India & Nepal and find a beautiful Ashoka Tree to meditate under – if you’re stressed out, we have so many natural and Ayurvedic remedies to help you with!

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