7 Places with High Shakti Energy: North India

Divine is everywhere, sure, but as a traveller, I can’t deny that some places have much higher vibes than others. For me, these are usually sacred places connected with the goddess, Shakti, the great mother or divine feminine. These places have touched my heart, so, if you want to soak up some magic yourself, here’s my top 7 places with high shakti energy.


Despite being a tiny, unknown village, Kalimath is one of my favourite places in India. It’s home to an ancient Kali temple, which marks the spot where Goddess Kali defeated the demon, Raktavija, and disappeared into the earth.

You’ve got the jolly Saraswati River, pretty flowers and woodlands, a mysterious temple of Laxmi, and the sweetest locals you could ever encounter.

From Kalimath you can hike up into the Himalayas for even more mystery and magic. Since this is a stop on the pilgrimage to Kedarnath, it’s got plenty of mystical energies around every corner.

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Beloved by many and a place I often call home, Rishikesh has a magic that just cannot be matched. The holy River Ganges flows through this spiritual hub, drawing yogis, mystics and seekers from across the world.

Despite the labyrinth of ashrams, yoga schools, meditation centres and vegan cafés, the main reason Rishikesh is so magical, of course, lies in the power of Maa Ganga, the goddess of the river.

Whoever approaches her with a pure heart and asks for guidance will surely get it, as many can testify. I’ve had dozens of wishes come true here, and every day something seems to manifest for me – a lesson, a path, something I need or just something that reminds me of the beauty in life.


You’ll queue for ages to get into the temple here, but when you finally get in, the mysterious atmosphere will be so worth it. Here, there is a strange flame that comes from the earth and burns by itself – you have to see it to believe it, and the show the brahmins put on will have you in shock and full faith.

Despite the mysterious fire vibes, Jawalamukhi is one of the prettiest villages I’ve been to. Little crumbling alleyways covered in flowers, fantastic views and a temple all in pink. The sweet shops are divine and there’s a small astrological temple dedicated to the planets – so it’s my cup of tea!

For me, this place represents the contrast of power and softness that is so apparent in Goddess Durga. Divine feminine is not one or the other, it is both.

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If energy was ice cream, then Rishikesh and Jawalamukhi would be strawberry and Chamunda would be dark chocolate. This place is just as intensely magical, but in a very different, much more mysterious way.

Chamunda itself is a charming little town in Himachal Pradesh, but the real magic lies 10km up in the mountains at the old Chamunda Devi Temple, where Goddess Kali was seen to appear.

The old temple was moved after the Brahmin received instructions from the goddess herself in a dream, which is great news for regular visitors, because this is one hell of a trek!

The higher you climb, the more the epic views are covered with a thick layer of fog, so thick you can’t see your hand, let alone the path. The occasional shepherd points you on your way to the top, where Maa Kali’s prana-shakti awaits serious meditators and mystics.

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Despite appearing like a busy little Indian village in the countryside, Chintapurni’s namesake goddess has a rather gruesome tale complete with blood and sacrifice.

Chinnamasta temple is another of Hinduism’s sacred shaktipeeths, and houses the goddess Chinnamastika, who, as legend tells it, cut off her own head to quench the bloodthirst of her yogini sisters after battle – pretty badass right?

But looking beyond the gory details, the symbolism here is to “cut off” or “detach” our mind from our body and free ourselves from material trappings.

Pilgrims say that whoever comes here and offers something of themselves, a small sacrifice, will have their wishes granted, or at least get to keep their heads.

Another of the beautiful places on the Shakti Tour


Go anywhere in India and mention Haridwar and they’ll know exactly where you mean. This legendary city sits on the banks of the River Ganges, just as Rishikesh does, but it’s got a lot more Indian flavour (and a lot less vegan cafés).

Haridwar is one of Hinduism’s “Sapta Puri” or 7 holiest cities. It is the place where Goddess Ganga descended from the locks of Lord Shiva’s hair and became the river you see today.

This makes it an incredibly sacred place, and the city is a colourful maze of ashrams, orange robed sadhu and Hindu pilgrims. There are many beautiful devi temples, in particular, 3 shaktipeeths where you can make a wish and have it granted by Goddess Durga herself!

The evening aarti ceremony is a sunset ritual to give thanks for the river herself, as well as all creation, and is an unforgettable experience of chanting and flames.

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Have you been to any of these places? If you want to go and experience the high shakti energy and see some of North India’s best kept sacred secrets, you’re in luck!

We visit all these places on our >>treks and tours<< – see what we’re up to or contact us to find out more.

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