5 Top Spiritual Places to Visit in Nepal

The Himalayas are known for being one of the most mystical destinations in the world, but what are the top spiritual places to visit in Nepal? We’ve selected 5 of our favourite spiritual sites in Nepal so you can plan your annual pilgrimage to the world’s most holy land.

Mystical Himalayas

1. Muktinath

In the lap of the mystical Himalayas, with the scenic beauty of mountain peaks and one of the most important pilgrimage sites of Hindus and Buddhists, lies Muktinath (3,800m), the perfect destination for spiritual travellers and mountain lovers.

Buddhist shrine at Muktinath

Muktinath Temple is a pilgrimage spot and brave pilgrims end their journey by taking a plunge in the icy baths and running under 108 taps, said to cleanse you of your sins.

Muktinath lies close to Tibet and has a Tibetan culture, making it the perfect destination for those interested in Tibetan Buddhism or just meditating in this sacred land.

On the trek to Muktinath

How to get to Muktinath:

To get to Muktinath you can trek (the most fun option – see here for more details), fly to Jomsom Airport or get a direct bus from Kathmandu or Pokhara. Muktinath lies on the popular Annapurna Circuit trek too, so you have plenty of opportunity to visit, one option even takes you through the high passes of more than 5000m high, adding to the adventure.

Airport: Jomsom

2. Pathivara

On top of the hills in Taplejung and blessed with the wish fulfilling energy of the Goddess is another precious site in Nepal – Pathivara. This sacred spot is a holy place for the indigenous Limbu people in the area, and is also known as Mukkumlung.

Goddess at Pathivara Temple

For many years Pathivara has been attracting pilgrims who come for the divine energies. As well as having your wish granted by the Goddess herself, you can enjoy panoramic views of the Himalayas including Kanchenjunga and many nearby lakes.

This region is rich in biodiversity and the Kanchenjunga Himalayan area tends to attract yoga trekkers who enjoy silence and isolation. Compared to Annapurna or Everest, this region is vastly unexplored which makes it very special.

Locals at Pathivara

How to get to Pathivara:

To get here you can fly or take a bus to Taplejung from Kathmandu and take another bus to nearby Pathivara Kafle Pati and trek from there for around 4 hours to the temple. Another trekking option is to add it on to the Kanchenjunga Trek as an alternative route.

Airport: Suketar

3. Chandannath

One of the oldest and most fascinating sites dedicated to Lord Dattatreya, is Chandannath. Nestled in the remote district of Jumla, Nepal, Chadannath is surrounded by mountains and blessed with spectacular flora and fauna.

Village in Jumla

More than 70 species of Himalayan herbs grow here including the rare and priceless Yasagumba, plus many types of medicinal plant and local Nepali delicacies such as the delicious red rice.

Because of this, the abundant land of Jumla is one of the most exciting places to visit in Nepal for nature lovers, herb hunters and those interested in Ayurveda and high altitude botany.

The world famous Rara Lake lies in the nearby district of Mugu, which also boasts a magical week-long trek and there are many options for hiking and trekking in this remote and beautiful land.

Locals searching for rare herbs

How to get to Chandannath:

You can get to Chandannath by bus from Nepalgunj or from Kathmandu but this is a very long journey so it’s better to get a flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu and then get a bus to Chandannath.

Airport: Nepalgunj

4. Swargadwari

Situated on top of the hills in the district of Pyuthan, the temple of Swargadwari holds the belief and history of more than 5,000 years.

It’s is believed that the legendary Pandavas of Hindu scripture went to heaven from Swargadwari and when you visit this place you will find yourself believing this story for yourself.

The natural beauty of Swargadwari helps you understand the true definition of paradise and this gateway to heaven is one of the most popular Hindu pilgrimage sites.

Swargadwari Temple

While hiking to this holy site, you can pass through the fascinating villages of Dang or Arghakhanchi and enjoy the local culture of Brahmans, Chetris and other various ethnic groups of Nepal.

This is not a popular route for tourists and you’ll get to see some of the real Nepali life untouched by tourism including the village lifestyle that has continued unchanged for hundreds of years.

Trekking through Pyuthan

How to get to Swargadwari:

To get to Swargadwari, take a flight from Kathmandu to Arga Bhagawati airport, or take the bus to Dang or Arghakhanchi and a local bus from there.

Airport: Arga Bhagawati

5. Supadeurali

If you are the kind of person who enjoys local culture, green hilly landscapes surrounded by jungle and wildlife around every corner, and of course a touch of spirituality, then Supadeurali Temple is the perfect choice.

Supadeurali lies in the hills of Arghakhanchi district, known for its abundance of lush greenery and mild climate.

Hiking around Supadeurali

Here you’ll find a great variety of wildlife including the elusive leopard, spectacular waterfalls, lakes and charming villages where no tourists have passed through but the locals are happy to finally meet one!

Supadeurali Temple is also a precious pilgrimage destination for Hindus who worship Maa Durga.

The Goddess here is said to fulfil the wishes of devotees when asked with a pure heart. You can see many religious artefacts and puja (rituals) being performed here.

Supadeurali Temple

How to get to Supadeurali:

You can get to Supadeurali by bus from Kathmandu, running every morning and evening from the Ratna Park bus station. You can fly to Gautam Buddha airport, but you’ll still have a several hour bus or taxi journey from there.

Airport: Gautam Buddha Airport

Which of these top spiritual places in Nepal do you want to visit?

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Hari om

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