5 Must Visit Holy Lakes of Nepal’s Annapurna Region

These holy lakes of Nepal’s Annapurna Region are some of the most beautiful in the world and make an incredible destination for trekking and pilgrimages, but they’re no ordinary lakes. These are Nepal’s holy lakes with high spiritual energy and command special meditation on their sacred waters.

But just by imagining one of these beautiful fresh water lakes, you’ll surely feel relaxed and at peace, you’ll want to be there right away!

Imagine it now, sat on the banks with the majestic Himalayas in view, totally isolated, chanting mantras and meditating on nature, relaxed and at peace with life. Sounds magical, doesn’t it?

So let’s check them out!

Watch the video then read on…

The 5 Must Visit Holy Lakes of Nepal’s Annapurna Region are:

1. Barahi Lake
2. Titi Lake
3. Sekung Lake
4. Bhuturcho Lake
5. Dhumba Lake

1. Barahi Lake

Situated at the base of one of the best view points in the world, Poon Hill, from where you can see the whole Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Manaslu Ranges of the Himalayas, Barahi Lake is home to a sacred Goddess temple atop a hill.

Barahi Lake

This holy lake is unknown to tourists but very important to the local people here and holds high religious significance for goddess worship. It seems a perfect place due to its abundant wildlife and fertile greenery.

The meaning of Barahi is “protector of the earth” and the locals visit Barahi Lake and the temple once a year in order to do puja (rituals) for the Goddess and have their prayers and wishes fulfilled.

2. Titi Lake

Hidden in the base of Dhaulagiri Himalaya, one of the 7 highest mountains in the world, the stunning Titi Lake is blessed with glittering turquoise waters and a majestic view of the Himalayan ranges Dhaulagiri and Tukuche, plus Nilgiri Himalaya on the winding trail leading to its shores.

Titi Lake

Titi Lake is one of the holy lakes of Nepal that is rich with wildlife and makes a fantastic spot for bird watching, with a community of migrating mallard ducks that the locals worship as sacred to the gods.

It’s quite a magical sight to watch these holy ducks take off and land on the sapphire crystal waters, your ears graced with the sound of wildlife and absolutely nothing else for miles.

3. Sekung Lake

Another holy lake in Nepal’s Annapurna Region is Sekung Lake, situated just below the Dhaulagiri Icefall and blessed with fantastic views of Nilgiri Himalaya which reflects in the still waters for a breathtaking mirrored scene.

Home to Nepal’s barking deer, various rare birds and fish, Sekung Lake, is one of the best places to see the iconic yak in it’s natural high-altitude habitat.

Sekung Lake

However, if you’re a yak lover, avoid Sekung Lake in April as once a year this remote and picturesque place turns into a horror movie with a shamanic yak blood drinking festival taking place for 10 days. Best stick to other times of the year for optimum peace and quiet then!

4. Bhuturcho Lake

Located near to the traditional Larjung Village, a Tibetan-Nepali community with fascinating ancient architecture, is the holy lake of Bhuturcho.

Sacred to the local community, people come to this lake during a dry spell to pray for rain – and apparently it works!

Bhuturcho Lake

A favourite with flower-loving trekkers, during the spring season, Bhuturcho Lake is a symphony of colour from wild flowers and their sight and fragrance give this place its nickname, “valley of flowers”, making it one of our favourite of the holy lakes of Nepal.

5. Dhumba Lake

With Nilgiri Himalaya on its south and Puthang on its north, Dhumba Lake is another of the holy lakes of Nepal’s Annapurna Region that blows trekkers away with its scenic views and spiritual significance.

Surrounded by rocky sandstone cliffs and featuring an authentic shamanic shrine, the pretty Dhumba Lake of Nepal is meant to be circumambulated – walked around in a clockwise direction to pay respects and connect to divine.

Dhumba Lake

The waters of Dhumba Lake are said to have magical properties and are used in the rituals and ceremonies of local people of the indigenous “Bon” religion at Kutsabterenga Gompa, near to the lake.

Aside from shamanic rituals, you can enjoy a cup of tea in the tiny cafe at Dhumba Lake while indulging in a spot of birdwatching or just resting those trekking legs with a spectacular view.

Did you like the sound of these holy lakes of the Annapurna Region? Why not come visit them with us on a spiritual trek to the lakes of Nepal’s Annapurna Region?

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Hari Om

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