33 Spiritual Lessons of Travel


If you want your life to change you have to take risks. These may or may not include: quitting your job, starting a business, going alone, travelling with no money, moving to India, trusting strangers, saying yes, saying no, climbing mountains, jumping in rivers, falling in love, believing in god.


Sometimes, doing it differently is the best option, even if you’ve always done it one way and feel hugely uncomfortable changing.


Actually, comfort is a bullshit concept designed to keep us small. Train yourself to be comfortable anywhere with any situation and you’re on your way to high vibe awesomeness.


This doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t feel uncomfortable. 24hr train journeys and beds with no mattress will make your back break, but you’ll just get on with it, no complaints.


Complaining does feel good and can be humorous (I should know, I’m British) but usually it’s a waste of time and totally depletes the energy you need to face all that change and discomfort.


Change is literally the most uncomfortable thing any of us can ever encounter, including the above, but often good things follow it, like joy, or money, so it’s usually wise to surrender to it.


And since we can’t avoid it, we don’t really have a choice! Change happens, that’s literally the only constant in life. Just ask my smile lines. So, why not go for something you do want? Shift the change in a positive direction?


Shifting change in a positive direction is actually totally possible. Reality is not quite as we think. It’s a mirror that reflects our inner state back to us. Think happy, see happy. I had an inkling of this before travelling, but India really taught me how to influence this life-mirror to show me what I want to see.


What I want to see will be vastly different from what you want to see. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For example, I love the chaos of a city, even central Delhi has its charm.


The divine will always show you the way. Yes, even in Delhi.


Signs from the universe come in weird and wonderful (and sometimes unnerving) ways, like: songs on the radio, advice from strangers, monkeys at your window, broken jewellery, shared dreams, telepathic connections, a circle of crows, a feeling in your gut, everything crashing down around you until you choose a different route, ghosts.


People will often think you’re weird if you tell them about the intricate web of reality you live in and your close relationship with the gods. But the people who dig it are keepers for life.


When you’re on the road, it’s easy to leave behind the folk who make you feel flat, but it’s equally easy to quickly become close with those that lift you up.


There’s no better way to practice patience than by staying in a hostel.


If you keep trying and it still doesn’t happen, maybe it’s not meant to be. Like staying in hostels.


There’s no better way to practice endurance than by trekking in too-big shoes.


Planning is overrated (except with shoes). Spontaneous action usually leads to fun stuff, like adventures and chance meetings with long-lost friends or people from a past life.


Public transport is always the better option. Memorable interactions could include: a quantum physicist who wants to marry you, a cuddly little boy falling asleep on your lap and a happy goat eating its breakfast.


If you want to be happy, you have to be a little bit crazy. All the best people are.


Smiling at anyone and everyone will not only keep you happy (and sometimes looking crazy) but it will also make everything around you flow in your favour.


Karma yoga is taking compassionate action with no gain in mind. Feeding cows and hugging street dogs is my cup of tea.


Speaking of tea, one can never have too much chai. You may object to this being a spiritual lesson, but I really really love chai.


Joy is in the little things, like chai.

33 Spiritual Lessons I Learnt while Travelling24.

Sometimes all that homeless person needs is acknowledgement (and chai money wouldn’t hurt).


When you spend a lot of time alone, you become oddly still and remarkedly observant, but if you start to think you’re communing with trees, it might be time for some socialising.


Travelling alone is the most liberating thing you can ever do, especially if you’re a woman. It’s also really not that scary.


Carrying a knife in your bag makes you feel like an assassin from a James Bond movie, but you’ll probably only ever use it to cut apples.


People are people wherever you go and often they’ll help you in exchange for some ridiculous hand gestures and a smile.


However, learning how to say a few phrases will make you (and them) feel super awesome. When I started studying Hindi, a whole new world opened up for me. Plus, you can tell when people are talking about you and give them a cheeky grin. 😉


You don’t have to be anywhere near as organised as people seem to think. Who needs fancy packing when plastic bags suffice (plus: recycling)? Why pay more by booking online when you can just trust that the divine will show you to a cheap room with an awesome view for half the price?


However, you cannot rely on the divine to let you know when your visa expires. True story.


When everything is stressful/chaotic/uncertain/lonely/nerve-wracking or depressing, just smile and trust that all will be well again very soon – it always is.


Things will never look exactly how you want them to look, but if you follow your heart and have faith, you can get pretty damn close.

Love and truth,

Ellie xo

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