Treks & Tours


Here you’ll find some of our most popular treks & tours, although we always refer to them as a pilgrimage! In every one of these, you’ll enjoy yoga & meditation, learn about Hinduism and visit temples and sacred places along the way.

All of our past pilgrims have experienced lifechanging transformations and we encourage everyone to set an intention, or conduct some personal spiritual practice along the way.

We always eat organic and sattvic food where possible. We stay in sattvic homestays and guesthouses, and try to reduce our impact on the surrounding areas by operating on a no waste policy and contributing to local charities and NGOs – this is the path of a yogi!






Tibetan Pilgrimage to Muktinath
10 days

• Buddhist & Yoga history
• Tibetan culture
• Himalayan valleys

Khayer Lake Himalayan Goddess Trek

9 days

• Shamanic Goddess temple
• Himalayan views
• Remote & adventurous

Khopra Himalayan Adventure Trek

7 days

• 360° Himalayan views
• Remote & silent
• Real mountain experience

Cultural Trek to Ganga Jamuna Waterfall

7 days

• Sacred waterfall
• Ancient Vedic practices
• Authentic Nepali culture

Chitwan Wildlife + Temple Tour

7 days

• Wildlife & bird watching
• Traditional mud hut villages
• Hidden waterfalls

Nepali Village Homestay Retreat

5 days

• Experience the real Nepal
• Organic Ayurvedic food
• Sound healing & meditation

Nagarkot Chisapani Woodland Trek

3 days

• Fairytale woodlands
• Mt. Everest views
• Cultural village experience

Sarangkot Sunset Trek from Pokhara

1 day

• Stunning sunsets
• Himalayan views
• Mountaintop yoga

Yoga Hike in Kathmandu Valley
1 day

• Traditional Nepali villages
• Historical architecture
• Lush greenery


Shakti Goddess Temple Tour
8 days

• Pilgrimage for Goddess Durga
• Real Vedic & Tantric practices
• Indian village culture

Chopta-Tungnath Himalayan Pilgrimage
7 days

• Snowy mountain peaks
• Important Hindu site
• Chardham Yatra route

Chamunda Devi Temple Trek
3 days

• Tantric temple
• Incredible views
• Remote & challenging

Rudraprayag Holy River Tour
3 days

• Two holy rivers join into one
• Sacred hindu site
• Foothills of the Himalayas

Neelkanth Shiva Temple Tour

1 day

• Important Shiva temple
• Ancient yogic culture
• Beautiful surrounding views

Nepal or India
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5 - 30 days
You decide! We'll work together to come up with the perfect trek or tour to suit your needs